Soul Jaxx ‘Reveal EP’

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Artist: Soul JaxxLOWPRESSINGS133low
Title: Reveal EP
Label: Low Pressing
Soul Jaxx – Reveal (Original Mix)
Soul Jaxx – Transformer (Original Mix)

First outing from Soul Jaxx this year and WOW! What a lovely mixer this baby is.
As always with SJ you always get the masculine side of Techy House music and “Reveal” single is no exception.

Throbbing kicks with a nice tempo, low down no good simplicity. Stabs like a slap in the face, subtle bass and all round slow on the up take which is what we like with this spaced out minimalistic House. Work great for any place.
Don’t know what they did with the kick 1/3 of the way through but it’s rattling things, which is something we also like… Better rescue the lamp on top of the speaker quickly.

“Transformer” still sits in the realms of low slung and plays around with some windy synths. Feeling the frequency frenzies on this one. Dotted voice samps scatter the track, plastic drum sounds with a deep voice move it slowly to its mid section with plenty (but not too many) sound f.x.


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