Ponz “Substrates”

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Artist: PonzCS2676443-02A-BIG
Title: Substrates
Label: Sumo Productions
Cat. #: SP001
Format: Digital
1. Birth
2. Ooze
3. Skin Diver
4. Ethereal
5. Daydream
6. Uproot
7. Misfit
8. The Spellbound Child

Francesco Pontillo a.k.a. Ponz is a dj and producer based in the beautiful city of Firenze, and the publication of his album “Substrates” it’s an occasion to celebrate the relaunch of Sumo Production, Andrea Rucci’s label.
The 8 tracks featured in the album show the artist attitude to dark but dancefloor oriented sounds, in songs like “Skin Diver”, “Ethereal”, “Misfts”, the combination between soft pads and gloomy drum loops create an incredible abstract dimension, in “Uproot” and “The Spellbound Child” is recognizable a dub techno attitude, however two of the most interesting music productions are put at the beginning of the tracklist. The downtempo “Birth” and the stunning “Ooze”.

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