Spektre ‘Dust & Echoes’

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ANT060_-_ArtWorkArtist: Spektre
Title: Dust & Echoes
Label: Analytic Trail
Remixers: The Welderz
Cat. #: ANT060
1. Dust & Echoes
2. Dust & Echoes (The Welderz Rmx)
3. Dust & Echoes (Dub Mix)
4. Paraphernalia

Respeket Recordings owner duo is came back on Markantonio’s imprint with a special package full of Techno essential feeling. The project Spektre has already spread the message on Analytictrail with two amazing remixes for Roberto Capuano and Tom Hades in previous years. But now is the time for them to express their own original style with an EP called “Dust & Echoes” that includes also a remix from the French Duo The Welderz already known on the Neapolitan label for their EP “Vicodine” made in the end of 2013.

“Dust & Echoes” is a strong track made by a dark groove and warm bassline, the beat is surrounded by a spacey Synth creating a sci-fi Techno mood dragging the listener to a dance cosmic journey.

The journey is expanded to the next galaxy where the dancers are driven to the beat impact hearing the power of chords killa and feeling the essence of a classic drum where kick, claps and hi hats are the essential gear of huge Big Room Techno bomb that’s the vision of “Dust & Echoes” by The Welderz.

We find a dub mix of “Dust & Echoes” reconstructed by Spektre in the third step of this huge Extended Play, where the bass sounds and the hard drum samples are the only main elements of this Techno Dub mix.

“Paraphernalia” is the fourth and last track of the EP made by a stretching beat, where kick and bass are energized by the fast tempo, dancers are addicted to catch the violent hi hats session and the background strong chord, that’s an amazing Techno dancefloor bomb.

Againg and again Analytictrail re-confirm itself as one of the best Music platform where amazing Producers are always ready to push their best works that’s the only way to know everything about real Techno Music.

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