Spektre Interview (2013)

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– Hello Paul and Rich, I’m glad to ask you some questions for Differentgrooves.com!
PM: Hi, thanks for inviting us!

– Your album “Cyclic Operations” is going to be released on Toolroom Records. Why the choice of an album and how do you feel about that?
RW: The album as a format is very much still relevant in my opinion. As an artist it gives you the freedom to experiment and explore avenues in your productions that you wouldn’t normally get chance to do if only producing singles. It also means that you can put together a completely unique journey using many different forms of inspiration to express yourself. The whole experience has been very fulfilling for both of us.

– That’s not the first album you have released. What are the main differencies you notice comparing this to the other?
PM: Compared to our debut album “Casting Shadows Without Light”, this one is definitely aimed more directly at the dancefloor. We’ve still incorporated a lot of different influences, but in a more club-friendly way than on the first record.
RW: Yeah, our first album was very experimental with lots of different sounds and styles represented on one album. I think at the time people expected something a bit closer to the style we were known for from our releases. So the main aim for this album was to make something that was much more club-focussed but that still demonstrates our diversity as artists. But I would say the album is still very much a musical journey that we hope will keep the listener coming back to again and again!

– The title you used is particular, is that a metaphor? What does it mean?
It was just an allusion to the fact that most of the tracks are a bit more loop-based and repetitive. Going back to more of a “proper techno” sound.
Yeah, the name just suits the sound and direction of the album, and we actually decided on the title very early on in the production process. I think this gave us a good ethos for the direction that we wanted to go in with the album.

– What are your favourite tracks of the album?
PM: My personal favourite is “Steel City Sunrise”, just because it’s such a unique track and I think one that has a bit of real feeling to it, which is not always a feature of techno.
RW: Mine would have to be “Ghosts In The Machine” – this is a classic Spektre track and demonstrates exactly what we are all about – dark, moody, atmospheric and industrial techno. I would say this is the track that we have played out more than any other and it does the damage on the floors every single time.

– “Cyclic Operations” reflects your dancefloor-oriented style. Do you always listen to that kind of stuff or also something different?
PM: I very rarely listen to a lot of dance music when I’m not in the studio or touring. I think you can have too much of a good thing, so I like to refresh my ears with something completely different.
RW: I love all sorts of different music – indie, eighties, nineties, even classical sometimes. However, I tend to listen to electronic music mostly when I’m driving or travelling. It’s a time I can relax and really zone out to the music. It’s also a good way to listen to tracks we have just finished so I can spot any tweaks in mixdown or changes that are needed.

– What motivates you to continue working on electronic music?
RW: I can’t think of anything I would rather be doing. If you wake up every morning and think about making music then you know you are doing the right thing. It’s very rare to be able to make a career from doing something creative, and to love what you are doing. I consider myself to be very lucky!

– Is anything new forthcoming in the next months you want to tell us about?
PM: We have some great gigs coming up in Ukraine, Germany and at Tresor in Switzerland. We also have an album launch party at Ministry Of Sound in London on the 6th December that we are really looking forward to.
RW: On the production front we have some tasty remixes about to drop for Organism, Drumloch and Gate Null as well as some original EPs signed to Phobiq, Ground Factory and MBF. We also have some great releases forthcoming on our Respekt label, including tracks from Mikael Jonasson, Madutec, Spartaque and our new UK signing Chicago Loop. Keep your eyes peeled!

– Offtopic question: you’ve got two nice half and full sleeve tattoos on the left arm, what do the representations mean for you?
Mine really doesn’t have any deep meaning behind it to be honest, just art for art’s sake!
RW: Mine is a spiritual tattoo that I had done during my travels in India. There are lots of influences in the tattoo including both tribal and spiritual imagery, and it also includes the outline of our Spektre logo as part of the tattoo.

– Thank you for having spent the time to let our readers know more about your music and thoughts!
RW: You’re more than welcome, thanks for having us! Respekt!

Interview by Matteo Pitton

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