Spektre ”Redshift EP”

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Artist: Spektre
Title: Redshift EP
Label: MB Elektronics
Release Date: 22 July, 2013
Format: Digital
Cat #: MBE111
01. Spektre – Redshift (Original Mix)
02. Spektre – Wormhole (Hollen Remix)
03. Spektre – Wormhole (Original Mix)

The dynamic duo Spektre is back and they deliver the goods on MB Elektronics with an excellent full of techno sounds EP, including a solid remix by Hollen. First up is ‘Redshift’ and there is no better way to start an EP than this one. A hammering bassline features, broken beats alongside with a melodic synth pattern makes this one a killer. Next on the line is the remix by Hollen ‘Wormhole’ and it is another wonderful production that is slightly more moody thanks to the heavy bassline following by upbeat drums, mixed perfectly with melodic twirls. A very beautiful track and a great remix by Hollen.

Closing this EP is the original mix on ‘Wormhole’. Intense drum kicks build the track before an absolutely devastating bassline kicks in and drive this track to a pure techno journey. Techno fans must have this EP , it is simple as that. A stunning release from Spektre and MB Elektronics world as well.


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