Prosth_Con_Bodyscrub_1000Artist: Spektre Vs. Subfractal
Title: Prosthetic Conscience
Label: Respekt
Cat #: RSPKT052
Release Date: 14/05/2012
Format: Digital
01 Spektre vs. Subfractal – Prosthetic Conscience (Original Mix)
02 Spektre vs. Subfractal – Prosthetic Conscience (Bodyscrub Remix)

Here at Respekt we can’t say no to titanic collaborations, so a Spektre & Subfractal gang seemed right up our alley.
The original mix rolls effortlessly with some busy percussion and a catchy spoken word sample, with synths reminiscent of the purer Techno days of yore. Wonderfully loopy, “Prosthetic Consicence” hits all the right spots with pure class.

Continuing strong with the Bodyscrub remix, dark overtones take over via crunchy effects and moody stabs. Meanwhile, haunting synths slowly take over and switch the vibe, while the rhythm section kicks and punches away.


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