artwork_1000x1000Artist: Spiriakos & Steen
Title: No Way Out EP
Label: Codeworks
Cat #: CW013
Release Date: 06/08/2012
Format: Digital
01 Spiriakos & Steen – No Way Out (Original Mix)
02 Spiriakos & Steen – Assault (Original Mix)

Spiriakos and Steen head straight for the jugular with these two examples of their sonic arsenal, and take no prisoners on their way to victory.
The title track tears down the walls with its steamrolling bassline, while sharp synths pierce the midnight air. Looping samples provide the mechanical vibe, and chord stabs make unexpected appearances through the rubble.

“Assault” grinds and stomps, in the midst of a claustrophobic atmosphere. Pitched down vocals command destruction while a persistent riff rips away.


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