Spiros Kaloumenos Interview

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spiroskaloumenosWhat advice would you give to a young producer that would like to emerge in this current electronic music scene? Are there any young talents that you are supporting that you would like to talk about?

It is really hard out there …my advice would be to stay focused & have a lot of patience which is something that new producers should have !
Keep making music dont immitate others and results will follow ..
I see & listen everyday too many new talents , so there are too many to mention but keep an eye on my forthcoming Focus Records compilation featuring Greek producers and you can find some talents to watch out !

Briefly describe your standard performance setup for dj sets and live sets. Why does it work better for you? How did the new digital tecnologies influence your dj set/live performance work?

I use Traktor with 2 Kontrol X1 and a Pioneer 800 mixer . This is my favorite set up at the moment ..
In my set i try to make something more than just mixing tunes, so digital way is giving me all the possibilities i need ! Nowadays the point is not just to beatmatch tracks but to create and present your unique sound.
I really enjoyed playing with vinyl few years ago but when you go digital i think there is no way back ..

Which of your releases has given you the most satisfaction and why?

Well, this is a tough decision..
During 10 years with lot’s of releases it’s really hard to pick !
If i have to choose, i would go for:

– White Noiz EP on my label Analog Mode ( Analog Mode 04 )
– Blackout EP on Planet Rhythm ( Planet Rhythm 79 )
– The Research EP on Kombination Research ( KR 042 )
– and my new album on Planet Rhythm “Zero Point ” ( PRRUKLP002 )

Your last album, Zero Point on Planet Rhythm is just released. Please tell us something special and particular about it, and maybe some ineteresting fact behind this work.

I started making this album one year go ..
All these years i try to make music without boundaries following the new lines of techno but keeping the vibe alive ! A lot of people always told me why i havent release an album but i wanted to be more “mature” meaning that i didnt want to put together some tracks just to make it . My album title “Zero Point” is the moment ,my Zero Point where i feel want to start again presenting a more future techno approach to my sound . It is also the time where i evolve as a person and as an artist at the same time. You start everything from Zero and this is what is all about !

Tell us about your studio, which sequencers do you use? With what hardware/software do you mainly work? What machine would you consider the best part of your kit?

I mainly use Ableton in collaboration with other sequencers also .
My set up includes : Motu 828 MKIII, Motu midi interface , Edirol PCR-300, BCF 2000 and KRK monitors .
This is all i need plus tons of Vst’s from : Waves , T-racks , Oxford , PSP, Izotone, Native Instruments etc.
No matter what equipment i use the best & most important part of my kit is definetely my ears ☺

Describe the underground scene in the country you live in, Greece. Do you have a lot of movement going on there? Are there any djs and producers “on fire” at the moment?

People always ask me about the underground scene in Greece and i always respond this way “Unfortunatelly there is really nothing special here ” .
We have less clubs involved in underground music every year and this is the way it is at the moment. I am not happy about it and is really dissapointing because we have a lot of good dj’s but not many clubs to play ..

What are your future plans? Do you have any new releases on your record label, Focus Records, that you would like to tell us about?

Due to my album release we plan a “Zero Point album Tour ” with my agency Eager Vibe .
We want to present my new sound worldwide and we work hard to make it happen !
My release schedule includes many remixes & EP ‘s, so watch out for my next releases on Mb Elektronics & Phobiq !!
Lot’s of goodies also coming your way from my label Focus Records ..
Next one is a remix pack of Spark Taberner track “Recharge” with 4 massive remixes !!
Also coming soon Amada EP from Dennis Bunas , a greek artist that delivered a bomb track plus a remix by me .
I have also scheduled a various artists EP including Greek techno artists and as i mentioned before you can hear some good new bread artists there !

Pick one record that has changed your life and opened to your view the world of electronic music and let us know why.

It was the album of Jean Michel Jarre ” Oxygene ” !!
A landscape of emotions & sounds that no words can describe ..
He is the Master of Electronic music for me and lately when i watched his live performances i was really influenced from this sound and gave me the motivation to get involed with electronic music .

How do you think the techno music market is evolving over the years? Did the new digital market take down the general musical level to your opinion?

Techno music is the only music that evolves so fast ! Right now techno is really strong and i am happy to see more djs going to that direction again . Techno is the Future !
The digital market is now the main market ! In my opinion it is good for new artists & labels to be part of the dance industry but i think that musical level might went down a bit ..
In a digital release, labels dont have many costs and they can release a track without thinking if they loose money . Therefore you can hear lot’s of new music that could never be released by vinyl labels !
On the other side through digital market we discovered new talents that needed a chance and this is really the positive view ☺
Anyway, generally things now are starting to look better and labels realised that they have to release good stuff in order to stay in the business .

What can we expect from the Spiros Kaloumenos’ sound in the future?

I am always trying to evolve my sound and this is why i try new ideas everytime .
I am now making techno with lower bpm than usuall but it gives me new areas of creativity and focus on the quality of sound which is really important for me !
I dont like to say that i will go this way or the other , i just love what i am doing and be sure that i put my soul to all of my projects . Well, you can expect more techno from me and be ready for surprises !!

Thank you for having spent the time to let our readers know more about your music and thoughts.

Interview by GILL – Gabriele Giller 


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