Splinter (UA) Interview

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Hey Splinter, welcome to Different Grooves!

 Thanks for the invitation – I think we perfectly will spend this time.

Starting from the roots: Splinter roots and influences? How your music background and your begins?

I was born in the East of Ukraine in the end of the 1980s. When I was at school I was studying to play the strings (folk art). This was my first experience to work with musical instruments. From age 13 to 15 I was listening to electronic music from the UK including Pink Floyd. From this my taste did not change, but transformed a little bit towards more broken rhythms. I liked drum & bass in particular (Technoid, Liquid Funk). My friends and I had parties; we gathered 50-100 people and played various music starting from IDM to Psytrance. We thought we were cool guys. Eventually the wave of popular European and Transatlantic electronica brought me to the Techno. I was crazy about Aphex Twins, Plastikman, Hardflor, Laurent Garnier.

We must begin our fast speech on your production side, with your last album on Paranoid Dancer, named White Stones: how your cooperation with Patrik Carrera imprint beings?

Patrik Carrera treats the concept of his label full heartedly in choosing the music and art material for each release and I am glad that I have connected with him personally and that the decision to do an album eventuated. I think it’s the first of many co-operations.

Reveal us and our readers some interesting stuff behind the album making?

The track ‘Catch Me If You Can’ was recorded live using some pre-recorded parts. It took me a few recordings to get it right. This is one of my favoutie ones and captures a lot of the attitude I like my music to have. The making of ‘Shoombar’ was a similar process again taking several recordings before deciding on the final version.

Your techno background is really solid as a producer, you already released on Credo, Brood Audio, ARTS Digital: any future releases you can and want to talk about?

My confirmed releases plan I am really excited about.

In the end of October I will release via the young underground Russian label ‘Sub Amp’. The atists Subforms, Soschla, Slow Life Program, Vladimir Dubyshkin have already had a great output via this label. In November I will release a LP via the Portugal label ‘Monocline’. In December my ‘White Stones’ album will arrive via Paranoid Dancer and then I also have some confirmed releases for 2016.

In January via ‘Favor’ with whom I have already released with and in March a significant release for me will come out via the Oscar Mulero’s label ”Warm Up Recordings”. This is a huge milestone for me and I am even more excited that Oscar will also remix to the release.

Beyond this I am also speaking with labels such Planet Rhythm, Newrhythmic, Limited, Wunderblock.

You are also performing a live show: tell us some technical insider, and epsecially how you approach your performance?

In my live show I use modular synthesizer (modules from Make Noise, 4ms, Vermona, Synthesis Technology, SSSR Lab, Malekko, Tip Top Audio), Waldorf Blofeld (irreplaceable instrument for the atmosphere), Akai MPC 1000 (my rhythmic drawings are 50% of it) and Ableton Live. I use processing by Amdek, TC Electronic. As for my live performance, I will say that in Spring, 2016 I will finish it completely and I will be open for live show bookings.

Was a pleasure spend time with you, thank you so much.

Me too, thank you for the interview and your support for my new album.

Interview by Gill


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