Splinter (UA) ‘White Stones’

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artworks-000133437746-e1h38a-t500x500Artist: Splinter (UA)
Title: White Stones
Label: Paranoid Dancer
Cat. #: PD027
Distribution: Beatport
Release Date: 07-12-2015
1. White Stones
2. Deadpan
3. Intergrator
4. Laser Prick
5. Four Rooms
6. Shoombar
7. Groovy Barking
8. Catch Me If You Can
9. Black Tears

Visions of the future. Gravity mirrors now.
White Stones is the debut album from the rising talent Splinter (UA). The album is a collection of sounds dense with his unique production aesthetics. Spacey ambiences, big room techno tools, a complex and rich journey from light to dark. Arriving at the end or actually at the beginning. Future.


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