Dorian Knox ‘Lost Signal EP’

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Artist: Dorian Knox
Title: Lost Signal EP
Label: Silent Storm
Remixers: Black Asteroid, D.Carbone
Cat. #: SSR004
Format: Digital
Release Date: 11th March (Beatport), 8th April (Everywhere else)
1. Lost Signal (Original Mix)
2. Lost Signal (Black Asteroid Remix)
3. Lost Signal (Tool Version)
4. Drillbot (Original Mix)
5. Drillbot (D.Carbone Remix)
6. Drillbot (Tool Version)

The UK is leading something of a techno resurgence right now. Thanks to artists such as Perc, Blawan and Surgeon, the country’s current infatuation with the style is one that rivals even Berlin for consistent, quality output. Such traits are immediately apparent on the burgeoning, London-based Silent Storm imprint; a label that’s quite evidently indebted to techno protagonists from both home and abroad. And with names such as Andres Gil and remixers such as Brendon Moeller and Emanuele Millozzi leading the charge, theirs is a future that already looks bright.

Hungarian producer Dorian Knox emphasises the label’s credentials here via his maiden outing for the imprint, his ‘Lost Signal’ EP. The bass-heavy, atmospheric trappings of the title track pack more than a hint of stirring menace, a trait that abounds throughout the package as a whole. CLR and Electric Deluxe mainstay Black Asteoid delivers a remix of the latter, and delightfully, it’s exactly the sort of fervent techno anthem that’s in keeping with other labels he’s leant his talents to over the years.

“Drillbot”, the second of the two originals, maintains a similarly downtrodden outlook whilst still somehow adhering to a minimal aesthetic, before Italian producer D.Carbone turns it on its head entirely by producing the sort of pounding record that wouldn’t seem out of place in some of the globe’s most prominent techno nightspots. As an added bonus for DJs, the EP also features ‘Tool’ based re-workings of both the originals. If it’s sophisticated techno you’re after, you need look no further: this is a storm that’s worth getting caught up in.


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