Stare5 ‘Void Swimmer EP’

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Artist: Stare5
Title: Void Swimmer EP
Label: Epmmusic
Cat. #: EPM19V / EPM61
Format: Vinyl / Digital
Release Date: 23 February 2018
1. The Adverse Within
2. We Will Not
3. Void Swimmer
4. Velonaut

For the next release on EPMmusic, Bryan Zentz reprises his Stare5 moniker on the new four-track, ‘Void Swimmer EP’.

Bryan Zentz is a music fanatic, producer, DJ and artist living in the Pacific Northwest of the US. He has been making electronic music for over two decades, releasing on labels like Minus, Plus 8, Soma, EXperimental, Definitive, Jericho, Intec, CMYK Musik, Thoughtless and many more. Recently he’s remixed Patrick Zigon’s ‘Absurdistan’ (Biotop Records) and is working on a full-length album for Zigon’s Traumraum label due later this year. As a DJ and live performer, his sets have taken him across the world to legendary venues like Twilo (NYC), Fabric (London), Womb (Tokyo) and The Rex (Paris), as well as festivals like I Love Techno and the Detroit Electronic Music Festival.

His Stare5 handle began as a tribute to a friend and graffiti artist who unfortunately passed away (Stare was his preferred tag and 5 was his favourite number). The pseudonym also became Zentz’s screen name in the mid-90s internet chat room era where he met, amongst others, Felix Da Housecat and ended up releasing two EPs as Stare5 on Felix’s Clashbackk label. Both releases focused on a tougher, stripped down, Detroit-influenced sound, reminiscent of early Axis, M-Plant and Purpose Maker releases, as well as being influenced by a synth he was using at the time – the Roland Alpha Juno 1 and its chord memory function. A few other Stare5 releases have popped up over the years with different sounds on different labels (CMYK Musik, Circle, Thoughtless), but as Bryan states “it seemed fitting to bring this moniker back home to a very Detroit-influenced sound once again. That era of music is something that has always influenced me and I have always returned to as a fan.”

This becomes immediately apparent on the ‘Void Swimmer EP’ opener, ‘The Adverse Within’ that displays some deep Detroit bones, before the tough workout, ‘We Will Not’. Title track ‘Void Swimmer’ is next, laying down some dark and intense rumblings before the grooving ‘Velonaut’ closes this stellar EP.


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