Steam Shape ”Rebus”

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ORGA73 - Steam Shape - Rebus - 300dpi
Artist: Steam Shape
Title: Rebus
Label: !Organism
Release Date: 15 June, 2015
Format: Digital
Cat #: ORGA73
01. Steam Shape – Rebus (Original Mix)
02. Steam Shape – Rebus (Simone Tavazzi Remix)
03. Steam Shape – Nucleus (Original Mix)

Keeping up with what is a lovably relentless schedule, !Organism now look to the talents of Steam Shape for their next three track EP, and as ever they bolster the originals with an on-point remix, this time from Simone Tavazzi.

Steam Shape is a Budapest based techno duo, SveTec & Nils. Despite occasional splits, they have been active on and off since 2003 when they also started their own event series and are now coming to the fore as DJs and producers. Having already turned out a stellar EP on Driving Forces, they are now ripe to go to the next level, and this release on !Organism will surely help in that regard.

Kicking off this standout EP is ‘Rebus,’ a soot-black bit of techno with a menacing atmosphere and tough, thick synths. Drums are firmly rooted below and grow ever more jumpy as the groove unfolds and the cumulative effect is heady and hypnotic.

Remixing this one is label regular Simone Tavazzi, who also releases on legendary imprints like Perc Trax, Sleaze, Analytictrail and has had more than a few Beatport hits in his time. His brilliant version is slick, fast and rolling, with grumbling bass and static-like details littering his heads down, fully focussed groove.

Finally comes ‘Nucleus,’ and this one is more rich, rubbery and bouncy. The hi hats make icy ringlets, the synths squirm about loosely and the drums have plenty of height to them. It’s the sort of explosive track that will really reawaken dance floors and get them marching as one.

They might only be starting out on their production path, but with this unique EP Steam Shape more than impress.


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