_amam028_1500_frontArtist: Steampunk’d
Title: The Plot Thickens EP
Label: Amam
Cat. #: amam028
Formats: 12” / wav / mp3
Release Date: 31 March 2014
A1. The Plot Thickens
A2. Sinderella
B1. Peanuts in Love
B2. Peanuts in Love (Ion Ludwig Remix)
X1. Talking in my Way

Greek producers Lee Burton and Mr. Statik are already familiar to fans of groove-inducing, deep minimal house, creating intricately woven tracks that spark dancefloors and neurotransmitters in equal measure. Individually, they’ve released on an impressive array of labels like BPitch, Klik and Mo’s Ferry, and the two buddies have also collaborated on IRR and Rotary Cocktail. Now, AMAM gets first dibs at issuing the first release as Steampunk’d, their new collaborative project, hotter than Ashton Kutcher in metallic neo-Victorian garb.

“The Plot Thickens”, the EP’s woozy namesake track, is propelled by highly compressed funk juice that maintains a relatively lower BPM, with plenty of space in between downbeats for playful purrs and clicks, conveying – as the title implies – a growing sense of tension. “Sinderella” is a similarly eerie but catchy fairy tale run on jumpity clockwork – play this one after midnight and see what transformations take place!

On the flip side, “Peanuts in Love” is a comparitively more straightforward framework, with wispy vocals yearning atop a vibrant house beat. After the original version comes Ion Ludwig’s remix, turning it into a more minimalist instrumental. Finally, as a digital bonus track, “Talking in my Way” brings back the funk with twitching sub-bass and a deep-throated vocal hook. Stay tuned for more steaming piles from this punky duo!

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