Steeve Eckhart Interview

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– Hey Steeve, thanks for taking the time out to talk to us. I wanted to start by asking about your childhood. Where did you grow up? Was it a good place for electronic music?
I grew up in a city nearby Turin (northern Italy). It was and it’s still a really good place for electronic music – probably the best nowadays in Italy with both underground and an overground music scene.

– What was it about the sound and the scene that so appealed to you? Was there one eureka moment in your life that made you fall in love with house music?
There was actually not “one love” moment. My process was really slow and totally casual I first started to listen to the Techno/Chigago scene and then randomly changing on to house and more deeper vibes. My production process strictly follows my music interest.

– And what about your new EP on OD Music Group. What’s your involvement with the label like? How did you get in contact with them?
OD Music Group is a solid platform to release this remixes EP. The founders are old friends of mine and they were actually those ones hurrying me up to start releasing more and more music.

– The latest EP, sees four of your tracks being remixed. Do you have a favourite remixes? How do they differ from the original?
Well they all differ a lot from the originals, every remix has a vision on his own which was basically what I was really searching for. Each remix is telling you a different version of the same story. It’s like those kind of babies’ books where you can read the book changing the parts of the whole story, in the end usually you’ll not only find a different end, what you’ll find is a completely new and different story starting from the same original condition.

– Did the remixes end up as you imagined they would?
Definitely much more than what I was expecting.

– What do you think the best thing about remixes are? Are you a firm remixer yourself?
I did some remixes but I just use them when I DJ, I never released my own remixes. Well the best thing about remixes is to see what another artist can actually see in your own song. Usually remixes are just a personal vision of a random song right?

– Did you have a hand in who remixed what then? What do you think is the most difficult thing about remixing?
The most difficult thing in remixing is to keep the original vibes of the song or at least something that reminds people about the song. It’s really easy to let the music drive far and after hours of remixing you basically stop and realise that there is nothing left of the original (ahah). (This at least is what happen with me)

– What’s next on the agenda for Steeve Eckhart?
I have 10/15 tracks already finished and ready to go so if everything goes well you’re about to see different Eps on different labels soon! Thanks for the interview!


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