Stefanesku ‘E Plaja’

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w37_resizedArtist: Stefanesku
Title: E Plaja
Label: Waldliebe Familien
Remixer: Horatio, Muovo
Cat. #: W37
Format: Digital

1. E Plaja (Horatio Mix)
2. E Plaja (Muovo Mix)
3. E Plaja (Original Mix)
4. Kcuza

A full-bodied kick meets with a snappy, pressurized snare, the space between occupied by a simple shaker rhythm that will, on a system at least, set bodies moving with its unusual prominence. The elastic bassline – nipped, tucked and drained of all its fat – is bound to get feet moving, while the aggregation of acidic synth lines is subtle and intense. That important something is a significant hook, a melody or motif that would distinguish these tracks from the thousands of perfectly stylish tech-house records made this year. It sounds a trite criticism, but without a worthy hook between them these tracks sound more than a little soulless and forgettable. Muovo delves deeper – a trippy, twinkling synth (again) sucks you in and gradually unfurls in a mind-bending phase, complemeted (again) by dry, flat percussion and a simple-but-ominous bassline. Random rubbery FX and squeaks are dotted through the track, while menacing synths drift in and out, tempered (again) by FX-filled pauses. It’s the most ‘heads-down’ track here, and the most effective. Horatio is more sprightly, while the rat-a-tat percussion patches and vocal snippets are new, but after couple of minutes, it’s all a bit samey. Horatio is a man in form, we’re all for developing a signature sound and these will fit nicely into your box – but things have to remain fresh. OK, this is great, start over.


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