Stellate Vinyl Bundle (8×10″ Clear Vinyls)

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All Stellate Series vinyls (without their native metalboxes) in a bundle.

In each of its four releases, Stroboscopic Artefacts’ Stellate Series has presented two tracks by four unique producers. The result is a set of records which feel beyond standard musical frontiers and reach deep into reserves of artistic inspiration. With restricted availability Stroboscopic is offering all four Stellate records for a very low price. In physical terms that is
eight 10’’ vinyls, 16 different producers and 32 tracks. In technical terms that is a spectacular array of techniques, sources and machines. And in sonic terms that is a set of records which traverse ethereal plains, ominous precipitation, surly dissonance and the deepest questioning of our darkest selves. This is a very special package for, and of, very special music. Don’t miss out.


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