Steve-Nash-Ariconte-And-Another-Story-Cover-ArtworkArtist: Steve Nash
Title: Ariconte / Another Story
Label: Groove On
Format: Digital
Release Date: July 12th 2012

1. Ariconte
2. Another Story

Miami based label Groove On run by a pioneer and true icon of the underground dance scene which George Morel is, has hit the office here to share with you a series of latest and upcoming releases that are really inspiring and a dedication to the groove we all love so much. Please welcome first up ‘Ariconte / Another Story’…

Ariconte, this brazilian god managed to engage in some pretty wild situations. We like you to get in such wild summer experiences and the ‘Ariconte’ EP of Berlin based Steve Nash is our soundtrack for this. Follow those mysterious South American sounds into the world of Ariconte and you will find the girl, which voice will guide you to happiness.

Another Story ties on to this great summer vibe. This song builds up with that great house groove and that blue space, till this great melody breaks through, to make you happy again.


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