Strangers In Heaven ‘This Ride’

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Artist: Strangers In Heaven9170_ride
Title: This Ride
Label: Souvenir Music, DE.
Cat. #: SOUVENIR049
Format: 12″/digital
Release Date: 24.09.12
01. This Ride
02. Heaven Can Wait
03. This Ride (Smash TV remix)
04. Eternal Life

Our next EP is the first release from Strangers In Heaven, the new side-project from a duo of established producers who for now wish to remain nameless.

Both Berlin-based, this pair have cooked up this new alter-ego in order to release music with more upbeat, vocal heavy work, with more of an eye to pop sensibilities. The title track ‘This Ride’ heralds things in with piano stabs going like an alarm signal, serving to anchor the kick down as Laila Tov’s powerful voice (recently heard on our In The City Vol. 2 compilation) supplies the groove. ‘Heaven Can Wait’ is a much darker affair, a series of dischordant tones and beeps playing off against some echo drenched vibes, a chunky bassline driving the melody along. Handclaps add to the old-school feel as whispered vocal snippets fly in from all over the soundspace.

Smash TV, another pair of Berlin-based party stalwarts with a string of releases on the likes of Get Physical, Playhouse and Diynamic, serve up a stripped back remix of the title track. The vocal is chopped and looped, the steady beat worming its way into a reversed cymbal and tight snare pattern. Slowly phasing into earshot, a sequence of cymbal rolls announces the drop, a rain of Martian jazz chords bringing the weirding. The single is rounded out by a bonus track, St. Louis rapper Rockey Washington gone all sultry, promise of ‘Eternal Life’ through talk of magic, body transplants and induction into the heavens above. The beat shuffles along, bassline booming and synthesized horns reaching Vangelis-like proportions.


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