Stream Theory ‘Road To Nowhere’

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Artist: Stream Theory
Title: Road To Nowhere
Label: Affekt Recordings
Cat. #: AFK004
Release Date: 27-06-13

Road to Nowhere. A dark and mysterious journey, between the wastelands of techno sounds, refinement and taste of the deep darker. An LP where the Stream Theory, making their debut on Affekt Recordings, guide us through 9 tracks that go into confrontation with the literal meaning of the title of the LP: road to nowhere, in fact, the road to glory.

Northen Techno, one of the darker. Flashes of light with analog synths, to the ears of most experts. Nine tracks that you will enjoy, that will cater to your tastes. An LP born from a simple idea. So simple that it leaves you disoriented: on the other hand is always like this: to produce simplicity is always difficult. But E-dward! and Nick Daring, before merging in the Stream Theory, are friends in life, and this is transmitted positively in their music, in each line of Road to Nowhere. E-dward! prefers a range of raw and vintage sounds of the early 90s, old school house and techno sub. A perfect blend with the versatility of Nick Daring.

We do not know if they did that on purpose or not, but this album of Stream Theory deserves a prominent place among the productions of recent times.

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