Sub Dealers ‘Gas Fracking’

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sude08Artists: Sub Dealers
Title: Gas Fracking
Remixers: Exercise One, S-Tek, Angel Alanis
Label: SuDe
Format: Digital
Cat. #:  SuDe08
Release Date: March 7th, 2014
01. Gas Fracking
02. Gas Fracking (S-Tek Remix)
03. Gas Fracking (Exercise One Remix)
04. Gas Fracking (Angel Alanis Remix)
05. Fracking the Planet

All tracks written and produced by Sub Dealers in 2013.

Mastered by Sandro Dressler/ Soundmastering Berlin.Artwork by Tofa All Sub Dealers tracks as free download at:

Emanuel Eisbrenner and DJ Mad Max are Sub Dealers: a Berlin electronic music duo prowling the international house/techno scene for almost 20 years, leaving gritty, cracking tracks and euphoric fans in their wake.

Sub Dealers takes again a political stance with their newest track “Gas fracking”. The original mix opens as the first track and just when you are promptly in full recognition of the singular, minimalistic punch of their sound, the bass kicks in and you realize a new niveau has been assailed by the team – calling all dancefloors.

Three excellent remixes plus one more original Sub Dealers track complement this release.

Sub Dealers have a dancefloor hit on their hands with this release: it should be in your electronic music collection for sure.




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