Subjects ‘Future Hero’

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lr039Artist: Subjects
Title: Future Hero
Remixers: Skober, Anthony Hypster
Label: Loose Records
Cat. #: LR039
Release Date: March 23rd 2015
Future Hero
Future Hero (Skober remix)
Cosmic (Anthony Hypster remix)

The collective live project Subjects is proud to release their EP “Future Hero” on Loose Records, marking their premiere collaboration with the label with an immersive electronic experience that hits hard on every track. DJs Max D-Loved and Jeffry Hide have operated together under the Subject name since October of 2013, combining their established careers to create music that fuses solid techno beats with deep, ambient atmospheres. Ukrainian DJ and producer Skober makes an appearance on the record with a remix of the title track, bringing a quality house vibe that only enhances the sound. The “Future Hero” EP also serves as a precursor to the album that the duo is currently working on, which is expected to be released in the coming months. French DJ Anthony Hypster also contributes a remix to the EP, bringing a sound that has been called “part of a new vanguard of techno” in his home country. Hypster’s mastery of the genre speaks to a talent that exceeds beyond the three year career he has made for himself, and the track included on this EP is surely a sign of more great things to come.

Subjects “Cosmic” – A mercurial, rising anthem arches up from the beginning of this track, washing over a wobbling background that still manages to hold a ghostly aura for the entirety. The higher notes of the song experiment with wooden drum sounds that only add to a party that is both upbeat and dark, playing with both sides of what are usually opposites but work amazingly well here. A new tone takes over at about the halfway mark, taking on whirling breaks that lift the song upwards to new highs that hit home right through to the end.

Subjects “Future Hero” – The title track of the EP starts off with a dark ambience, then proceeds to embrace a zoo of experimental instrumentals as it progresses. Tinny highhats quicken the beat above an alarm that sounds like a warning of things to come, resounding deep enough to shake the ground as cavernous hollows return thrumming bass lines. The song bounds across a quaking underlay of ghostly rhythms that few tracks can balance, but succeeds on all levels here, proving itself as a track that is impossible to ignore.

Subjects “Future Hero” (Skober Remix) – Skober’s remix riffs on the original with a quickened beat and an undercurrent of answers to the darkness that plays throughout. The track experiments with sounds that smack of whale calls mated with drums, all before finding soulful voices to carry a more danceable beat. This remix preserves the deep bass of the original while still exploring new and exciting realms, bringing an intricate, wellplanned approach to the Subjects’ song that is sure to leave a lasting impression.

Subjects “Cosmic” (Anthony Hypster Remix) – It’s impossible to predict what to expect next from this remix. A mechanized heartbeat sets the stage for organic, chattering sounds to skip through the underlay of darker basses, breaching at different points with unique instrumental experiments that range from robotic voices to wooden drums. The ride keeps it interesting, unleashing still heavier beats a minute and a half in. Shirking expectations again, higher temps come in at the two-thirds mark, delivering a track that succeeds on both artistic and crowd-pleasing fronts.


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