Sugar Hill Interview

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– I want to start by asking about your latest EP. How did you decide on the sample?
I listen a lot of old school disco, and pretty much every day I search for something nice to sample. I usually buy a lot of old disco music albums on I-tunes. This one was more obvious .. but it works!

Is the original a track that you’re really into? Are you heavily influenced by disco in that regard?
Oh, for sure. I also like French house from the 00’s and I love hoe guys like Thomas Bangalter sampled things. Small loops but very groovy. Small samples from old disco-music!

And do you like soulful music in general? What else do you listen to in your spare time?
I listened a lot of soulful 4 or 5 years ago, now I’m more in a tech-club vibe. I’m starting to make more club stuff. More simple and groovy loops I guess. But really, I love all sorts of music.

So tell me about your home label, Tropical Heat.
Tropical Heat and Erase Records are under the same administration. Wasabi runs the company, he works a lot to make sure everything goes right. Now Tropical Heat is more an indie dance, nu-disco mood. Erase records is going on a deep/club way, but it really works together.

And the artwork is very distinctive, too. Do you think artwork is often overlooked in this day and age?
Visual concept is very important today. Labels that have success in this market works a lot with nice graphic artists to make their look. And it is important to maintain that kind of visual identity too.

And how did you hook up with Vanilla Ace for this one? Is he a producer you’ve admired for some tome?
I listened to the “Musicology EP” 1 year ago and was really impressed by it all. A nice bass lines, good mixing and mastering, so I knew straight away that he was a top producer. Wasabi contacted him and send the idea for the EP. Everything worked very well in the end.

What’s your ultimate ambition with the EP and with the label?
This last EP hit #8 on the Beatport nu-disco/indie dance chart which is obviously a great achievement for us. I wished it stayed there for even longer! But it’s a hi-energy tune that a lot of DJs can play in clubs. I have some finished tunes to release on label. It will be out soon.

Can you tell me a bit about how the track was constructed? What did you use?
I produce my tracks on Ableton Live, It’s very good to cut samples. I like to use a lot of filters every time too.

And was it difficult to clear the sample at all?
It’s very difficult to listen to electronic music today that doesn’t sample other tunes, especially the more ‘underground’ ones. But the label take care of that side of things for me.

And what producers influenced the most for writing so big hits?
Thomas Bangalter. The man!

Finally, what 5 tracks are you really into at the moment?
Sugar Hill, Wasabi, Vanilla Ace – Disco Sh**t *(naturally)
Dale Howard – Dig it (original mix)
Hot Natured – Alternate State (original mix)
West.K Feat Natacha – Can’t Fight the Moonlight (original Mix)
Steve Bug – I got rhythm (original mix)

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