Super Flu ‘Halle Saale’

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Artist: Super Flu
Halle Saale
Cat.: mona020-2
Label: Monaberry
Format: CD & 2×12”
Release Date: 23.10.2013 (CD & Vinyl) & 24.10.2013 (digital)  

Released on the duos very own imprint Monaberry, Feliks and Mathias have created something quite extraordinary, with an album full of intricate instrumentals characterised by snare drums, bells, synths and story telling vocals that take the listener on a journey. Known for their distinctive melodic style, this album keeps that 4/4 beat, but adds the elements, sounds and expressions of their city Halle, with the result a very uplifting and imaginative collection of tracks. For almost 30 years they have been one of the top acts on the electronic club scene and never grow tired of reinventing themselves and trying new things.

The aim has been to produce an album to listen to from start to finish. While some tracks such as ‘IDDQD’ work well for the dance floor with grungy bass notes and steady beats, the main principle of this album is creativity, utilising all that is available be it ideas, sounds and instruments, and demands attention with tracks like ‘Raptor’. Featuring collaborations with Halle’s very own Safari Monkey on ‘Me Roar’ and another with well respected German talent Andhim on ‘Cheesy Mobisi’, it’s a real who’s who of southern German pioneers. Super Flu favourite Opa Herbert provides the opening vocals.

A truly exceptional album, full of character and that Super Flu touch. They bring a touch of originality this October.

“If you ask strangers what they think of Halle, the answer is always the same: ugly and dirty, we journeyed through our city and tried to capture it, to channel its sound, and to press the most interesting facets on vinyl for our listeners.” – Super Flu

The album is supported by a 3 month tour throughout October, November and December, hitting cities across Europe and South America.


1: 0180 Dolphin (2:28)

2: Fibi Maybe (8:19)

3: Me Roar (with Monkey Safari) (7:01) 4: Raptor (7:20)

5: Cheesy Mobisi (with andhim) (9:14) 6: Jo Gurt (6:09)

7: Krupp Oboe (6:52)

8: IDDQD (6:08)

9: Senamuun (7:10)

10: Gether (3:24)

PR Contact (world excl. Germany, Austria & Switzerland): / 1/2

Halle Saale Album World Tour 2013:

October 2013

02.10.2013 Level 6, Darmstadt, DE

05.10.2013 Fusion, Münster, DE

06.10.2013 Bright Offices, Amsterdam, NL

12.10.2013 KB18, Copenhagen, DK

18.10.2013 D-Club, Lausanne, CH (Mathias only) 19.10.2013 Bootshaus, Cologne, DE

26.10.2013 Studio, Essen, DE

31.10.2013 Cabaret Sauvage, Paris, FR (Mathias only)

November 2013

01.11.2013 Rote Sonne, München, DE

02.11.2013 Archiv, Neubrandenburg, DE

08.11.2013 Douala, Ravensburg, DE

09.11.2013 Luxor, Chemnitz, DE

22.11.2013 Elipamanoke, Leipzig, DE

23.11.2013 Charles Bronson, Halle / Saale, DE 29.11.2013 Rocker33, Stuttgart, DE

30.11.2013 Spartacus, Aix-en-Provence-FR (Mathias only)

December 2013

06.12.2013 tbc, Montevideo, UY (Mathias only) 07.12.2013 La Feria, Santiago de Chile, CL (Mathias only) 07.12.2013 Kugl, St. Gallen, CH (Feliks only)

12.12.2013 Margherita, La Paz, BO (Mathias only) 13.12.2013 Eliptica, Cali, CO (Mathias only)

14.12.2013 Mansion, Medellin, CO (Mathias only) 14.12.2013 Musikkantine, Augsburg, DE (Feliks only) 20.12.2013 DC310, Mexico City, MX (Mathias only) 20.12.2013 Halle02, Heidelberg, DE (Feliks only) 21.12.2013 Hardpop, Juarez, MX (Mathias only) 25.12.2013 Katine, Magdeburg, DE

26.12.2013 Moccabar, Zwickau, DE

28.12.2013 Ritter Butzke, Berlin, DE

PR Contact (world excl. Germany, Austria & Switzerland): / 2/2


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