Synthek & Audiolouis 5 Shoot Interview

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Hi guys, welcome to the 5 shoot interview for !
1. Can you tell us the story behind the album creating process, how you create the tracks and the way you blend them all together?
We make music together for 3 years, period in which we have learned a lot from each other and also found a good way to blend our single ideas in one tune.
In studio we have 2 workstation, one master and one slave, synchronized via midi. Luca (Synthek) most of the time is the master, who makes the beat and synth of the track, and Luigi (Audiolouis) on his workstation, takes care of the background and ambient, creating interesting soundscape.
Ableton Live is our software, that we use a lot for edit and write the track, but also combined with 3 analog outboard: Elektron Analog 4, Moog SP, Nord Lead 2 all processed by Sherman Filter Bank 2.

2. How was your first reaction when you listened to the whole album finished?
The album process took almost 1 year, so you can imagine how many time we’ve listened the tracks before choosing the best. Our aim was to create an album where the central focus was not the dance floor, but express a 360 ° our influences without any compromise. After the first listening of the whole project, we felt really satisfied to have created 12 tracks which have a common thread between them and a techno album also suitable to listen at home (certainly in a good sound system).

3. The tracks are solid and well produced, do you think you will be able to be improve your styles to a
higher level?
The first album is an important goal for an artist, which gives the self-confidence to progress and do more. As we said, it was the first step towards musical maturity and can be seen as key point which totally changed our way to make tracks but, in music as in the life, you can always improve yourself!

4. At the moment are you interested to explore new musical directions or perspectives?
Listening to our past works, we can see already a big change in our music. Dub, electronic, ambient, IDM are all influences reported in the album, and we will definitely keep going in this direction, which is still new for us. The music is constantly evolving, and it is very important to pay attention to the direction in which it moves, and then express it in a personal way.

5. Is anything new forthcoming in the next months that you want to tell us about?
We have planned a really interesting part remix, which will involve artists like Polar Inertia, Zadig, Tadeo, Sleeparchive, VSK & Conrad Van Orton, Varg, Neel, Aubrey and few more to be confirmed…
Some solo project will show up from both side, but also the new catalogue to release our future collaboration as “Unwise”. Behave Booking is also the new project of Natch Records family and a home for 13 artists and 4 record labels, very promising of the techno scene. The agency will take care of the Unwise Album Tour, which is a worldwide showcase series with a roster made by all the album’s remixers.

– Thank you for having spent the time to let our readers know more about your music and thoughts!
Thanks a lot for having us :) It was a pleasure to share our experience with you.

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