System2 ‘Smoke & Mirrors EP’

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system2Artist: System2
Title: Smoke & Mirrors EP
Release Date: 10/03/14
Label: System2
Remixer: Hanfry Martinez
Cat. #: System2 001
1. Smoke & Mirrors
2. Smoke & Mirrors (Hanfry Martinez Remix)
3. Nobodies Freakin
4. Body

After officially announcing themselves to the world in January with a first huge EP on Underground Audio, System2 follow-up with the first of many releases on their new self-titled imprint. Not one to rest on their laurels, ‘Smoke & Mirrors’ carries all the quirk and charm of their first release, and ample lashings of groove to keep the heads happy.

The EP’s title track typifies the duo’s unique sound, with a rolling drum loop that evokes the spirit of ‘Funky Drummer’ era James Brown. Horn stabs and tastefully chopped vocal samples give nods to the golden eras of funk and hip hop. On the remix, Hanfry Martinez (One Records) keeps the loose, organic rhythmic elements but gives them a tech-house slant for more late night excursions.

‘Nobodies Freakin’ continues on hypnotic vibe, placing a piston-driven bassline under intoxicating percussive shuffles and chord stabs. ‘Body’ rounds off the EP some peak-time party techn, with a muscular sub-bass, which pulses under a latticework of exotic rhythms.

With no lapse in quality here, with and plenty more music on the horizon, the mission statement is clear; System2 are just getting started.


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