System2 ‘Waxing Egos EP’

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108684Artist: System2
Title: Waxing Egos EP
Label: Underground Audio
Release Date: 03/02/14
1: Waxing Egos
2: Subbing It Out
3: Don’t Call Me

Carrying on the stellar run of EP releases for the Manchester-based Underground Audio imprint is System2, the mysterious new alias for a duo of producers who are certainly no strangers to the game. Whilst their old identity remains hush-hush at this point, we can tell you they’ve had past releases on labels like Cecile, Get Physical and Defected.

‘Waxing Egos’ stomps along with a propulsive four-four beat and an uncompromising, take-no-prisoners bassline, whilst offset by chirping lasers and bubbling synths. Maintaining a fine balance between quirky and serious, it manages to make its listeners smile whilst always keeping an eye firmly on the dancefloor. ‘Subbing It Out’ continues this vibe, combining hip-hop vocal cuts and the occasional disco-stab, over a thrumming undertow of bass, while ‘Don’t Call Me’ places an amusing phone-call recording over a similar rolling low-end.

There’s a real juxtaposition at work here; between its jacking Chicago stomp and playful sense of humour, the EP manages to evoke the spirit of labels such as dirtybird, and really give this EP a unique charm. Quite frankly, in a day and age where so many DJs are best defined by their stoic, ‘why-so-serious’ scowls, it’s refreshing to see others are still up for injecting a bit of fun into the proceedings.


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