Szare ‘Rochdale Principle’

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Artist: SzareKRL002
Title: Rochdale Principle
Format: 12″ Vinyl
Label: Krill Music
Cat. #: KRL002
Release Date: March 31st, 2012
1. Red Desert
2. Nell Lane
3. Nazca
4. Wild Boar

The gong of the Town Hall resonates through desolate grey suburbia, ringing in the hour with its monotone drone. The streets are still and silent, only water flows through its sleepy ventricles. Boarded up shop fronts and flickering kebab huts line the arteries of this former textile town, its industrial pulse having long made way for the dull thud of residentiality. To the Modern World this place is all but forgotten, a limbo realm of degenerating communities and generationally disparate tribes. There is no future here, only existence.

After forging the Buenos Aires-Manchester axis with their founding release from Jonas Kopp (Curle, Traut Muzik, Ostgut Ton) and AnD (Horizontal Ground, Idle Hands, Inner Surface Music), Krill Music continue to mine the sonic underground of the UK’s ‘Northern capital’ to extract four gems of dub-rooted techno from the anonymous Szare. “Red Desert” kicks off Rochdale Principle with spitting hats and swung out riddims, definitely one for the (old) dubstep heads and fans of Volya—Szare’s Idle Hands effort. “Nell Lane” delves deeper into crossover territory as it snakes between thumping 4/4 and syncopated beats, through charged chords and gently rattling bells. On the B-side “Nazca” plies more swing and choppy hat work to a surging sub bass, curbing the rest of its energy to taut stop-and-start burst to form something all together fidgety. “Wild Boar” then concludes on a meditative tip. With seductive tribal percussion it weaves smoky tales of a foreign promised land, offering almost 8 minutes of delicious escape from your own decaying urban jungle.


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