Taapion Records 5 Shoot Interview

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Hi guys, welcome to the 5 shoot interview for differentgrooves.com !
1. You’re defined as part of a new French techno movement. Do you consider this thing true or not?
We think that there is definitely a new French Techno Scene, that movement is really strong since 2 years now. We figured it out with the succes of Concrete partys and how people went more and more into Techno thanks to it. But also thanks to amazing French Techno labels which took place in the hexagonal electronic landscape : we think about Construc Re­Form, Dement3d or Concrete Music. We do trust in that movement and we’ll try keep it alive by being part of it. That’s a reason why we decided to make that Compilation ( TPN002 ) 100% French. We signed Antigone ( real fine producer & Concrete resident ) and Roman Poncet , Deeply Rooted and Figure’s rookie but already rising.

2. Do your productions reflect the influences of particular styles or producers?
Our Influences are made of different kind of electronic music. From Techno to Deep Techno and Dub Techno, Ambient to electronica. We could name such Artists as Boards of Canada, Robert Hood, Aphex Twin, Monolake, Donato Dozzy ou encore Luke Slater. But the thing is we do bring a Taapion touch in all our personal productions which is fondamental to create an musical identity to a label. Its very important for us. The very first Ep was emerge into the Detroit Techno sound while the second is show 4 differents Kinds of Techno but all fitting with the Taapion spirit.

3. A label needs a lot of background work to run properly. Do any of you cover a particular role?
Your are right, a label need a lot of background work, and we have been aware of that during the whole development process of the label. We try to allocate to each particular mission to run the label but at the end we can’t say that A have to do that and B that and C this. We cover the label with 6 hands and 3 brains in fact.

4. What are the main gaps that you discovered after getting into this new adventure? How did you fill these?
The main gaps we discovered in this adventure were the entire steps that build the first release.
We undertake to make an handmade vinyl with a powerful visual dimension, add to that the remixes,
that were more than we expected. We gave a lot in the first release production, when it was released,
when we saw it in the record store radius, we feel very nice and happy. Now each step makes us feel more confident for the future of the label.

5. The second release on Taapion is going to be released. What can you say about the selection of the tracks?
TPN002 is well known as French various make with “cheese and wine”! The track has been produced by us AO, AG and SB and two young artists that describe the actual French scene; Antigone & Roman Poncet.
All tracks have been chosen to create coherent cores among diversified atmosphere.

Thank you for having spent the time to let our readers know more about your music and thoughts!
Thanks to you guys, thanks for the interest you have for our music, we hope to be able to hit Italian crowd soon


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