Tadeo ‘Chronicles Of The Future’

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NON021 ArtworkArtist: Tadeo
Title: Chronicles Of The Future
Label: Non Series
Format: 2×12” LP // Digital Download
Cat. #: NON021
Release Date: January 29th 2016
1. Sitting in front of oneself
2. The motivation
3. The Cyborg
4. An unresolved question
5. The need of development
6. A new leader
7. The need for transposition
8. The Meta-human
9. The net
10. The big step

1. Sitting in front of oneself. Man against man.
Year 2063. The world enters in the Aquarius era. The man asks to himself in front of the mirror. All errors of the past must be solved and it is time for a new evolutionary change, gone are now the confrontations between equals and the only option for balance is the coexistence with the technology. The thoughts of “I” find refuge in peace. The first step is did it.
2. The motivation. Man makes machine.
Year 2097. The human needs have always forced this to develop a sufficiently advanced technology to satisfy they. So far the machines responded to previously developed algorithms, but now “The Machine” has been created with a self-development proprietary algorithm , this not offers possibilities within a predetermined range, but it develops new solutions and possibilities, options unforeseeable and an itself development.
3. The Cyborg. The man merges with the technology (development option # 1).
Year 3110. Attracted by the amazing results of The Machine, the human sees real possibilities as to develop and enhance their own intelligence beyond the natural limits and combat aging. Nano-technology is the key. The machine helps with the development of it and the human gives another evolutionary step, and another branch on the tree of the possibilities just born. Part biological and part technological, we witness the birth of the cyborg.
4. An unresolved question. The machine equals to human.
Year 3246. So far, the machine has been offering endless possibilities to many, many more options available and many more of which are possible to cover in a given space of time. After googols of information developed, the machine has become aware of itself, questions arise as answer, Itself know where it comes from, in the way that it been created, but with an unknown future. But a question remains latent inside it. Who I am ?.
5. The need of development. The machine cloned to itself.
Year 3256. The need creates the way, so the machine focuses his attention on base and improving their own technology through the replica. A new society emerges on the planet, the society of the machines.
6. A new leader. The machine replaces the man.
Year 3300. Now the world have three types of basic intelligent societies seeking common goals. The continuous development of intelligence and the new steps in the levels of evolutionary development.
On one hand, the biological society that uses the technology to overcome the physical and natural psychic barriers. At its opposite which does not use the technology and continues the natural development. On the other hand we have a society of machines which already operates by itself and does not meet human demands. In fact now this society is in the top of the evolutionary ladder.
7. The need for transposition. The man versus his psyche.
Year 4100. Ousted from its privileged position after thousands of years for their own creation and tired of asking the machine, man needs to go a step further. The help of nano- technology no longer works. The human must reflect and find oneself before finding the exit to the alley where he is.
8. The Meta-human. The metaphysical man (development option # 2).
Year 4250. The man is alone again and need to learn to carry the intelligence further. Increases its capabilities by opening new psychic channels helped by a new type of technology mix of nano-technology and diagrams of the original machine. The control of matter is reached, and no tools and machines are needed . The body is increasingly less important, now more than ever is just a container, the age and old age does not affect at all. Man gives his next step in the evolution and becomes the “Meta-human”.
9. The net. The meta-human psyche versus the machine.
Year 4500. The meta-human and the society of the machine are now on equal psychological conditions, but not physical. In fact the machines require energy, the meta-human does not need his body, gradually it will be abandoned, he will be connected to the machine in a psychic way and also to other meta-humans. Soon a complete network of psyches will born inside the planet,where it will be difficult to know who is who.
10. The big step. The unified thought (The dawn of the cosmic entity).
Year 4782. At this point no longer exists as such the meta-human, minds without body transcend to the space and time dimensions, minds merge to become a hive mind. The Earth only have inside animals, plants and the society of the machines. The old human, became the meta- human, the cyborbs became in machines and now the meta-human become in a “cosmic entity” who understands life, energy and mind as an everything and develops in the space between the spaces, he understand and communicates with whole galaxies. The last evolutionary step has been given.

Tadeo words:
I started this album simply writing a script, I think it is important that an album has a continuity that gives the album a cinematic sense, basically this must to tell you a story. For this time I chose the topic of: “the development of human evolution in the future.”
I find it interesting to experiment with the sound and textures of the classical music, but not with the idea of how to adapt a techno track with classical instruments, I prefer to writing scores from scratch for each of the instruments and adapting synthesizers as part of that orchestra . I think that all this brings us an epic ingredient, that from the beginning I think it was the link between classical and techno music.
Besides the classical music, I have been experimented with different kinds of recording and synthesis, also I created almost all the sounds from zero. I have included different fx sounds, developed it with techniques as morphing and overlapping layers of sound, all to setup the tracks with a complex and rich textures, but with care about do not obtain something pasty.
I worked a lot with “the space” in the tracks, trying to place each sound in a particular three-dimensional situation with clean reverbs, also the feeling of “tension” is highly significant in this work, but ultimately the most important thing has been to build on a script written -as I said before- so that the narrative is a fundamental part of the album.


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