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– What was the last record you guys bought and why?
Scott: I went to the recent London Record Fair on Brick Lane and picked up an original 12” of the Moby ‘Go’ remixes to replace my old scratched copy.
Phil: I recently bought a couple of Ultrasone 12” records as well as a copy of Kern ‘The Exclusives’ which includes a massive Kerri Chandler remix.

– How did you first meet?
We met at the Top 100 DJ Mag Awards afterparty a few years ago and instantly got on well. After a pretty mad night, we then decided let’s go to the studio and try out some ideas…and the rest is history!

– How does it work when you DJ? Is it always back-to-back?
We usually play back-to-back but also like splitting the time up to each take individual control for slightly longer periods in the set but continuing to maintain the taMe sound. It really all depends on where we are playing.

– Can you usually predict what the others going to do when DJing then?
Pretty much but obviously we’d like to be as creative as possible on the spur of the moment whilst feeding off the crowd.

– What’s been your proudest moment to dates?
Getting a top 10 must hear house tracks weekly nomination from Beatport was pretty cool and we’re delighted to have recently collaborated with Pete Gooding, Robert Owens and Thomas Gandey and looking forward to the second half of 2014!

– As DJs what do you see is your role? Has that changed since you first became involved?
We are conduits bringing the music to the crowd after all ‘we make music, you dance’ is our message : ) That will continue to evolve in a continuously exciting way which keeps it appealing to the masses.

– So what’s better? And what’s worse?
It is a shame that too many great clubs have closed over recent years and on the venue side it’s become more controlled, organized but of course lucrative. Clubbers these days can pick and choose more than ever before from a huge cocktail of options and that can only be healthy for the global scene.

– What was the best thing about those times? Where did you guys DJ most?
We both have separate, previous backgrounds as DJs with having played far and wide in our own respective careers from Fabric London to Eden Ibiza and throughout Europe, Asia and the US. Remembering being into the Underground Resistance movement from Scott’s side holds many fond memories to all the early acid house raves as a young teenager in London to going to his first ever Manumission gig, playing in the original bar where the Ibiza Rocks brand since resides. All of the past experiences have value in what we’re doing now with taMe! Phil on the other hand recalls his first few gigs in London having moved from Switzerland which led to gigs across Europe, USA and Asia, all of which helped him to refine his skills.

– And what tracks, DJs and producers really summed it up for you?
Rather than single out specific tracks of which there are way too many to mention, we prefer to list the labels that truly inspired us. R&S, Network, Underground Resistance, Tresor, Guerilla, Intec, Platypus, Bush, Perfecto, 2020 Vision, Junior Boys Own, Big Life as well as some of the newer ones like Pokerflat, Get Physical, Defected, Innervisions and Noir Music.

 -How would you best describe your style? Is this something that comes across on your latest EP do you reckon?
Our style is widely diverse, dipping in and out of different genres, keeping it fresh whilst leaning slightly to a more Techno and bass and beat heavy Electronica influenced sound.

– I believe your label is exclusively for your own music. What’s the thinking there?
The label is an extension of the taMe brand and serves as a vehicle for us to showcase what we do best, as well as working with the most exciting emerging and already established talent out there.

– And how did Colin Dale end up remixing the EP?
Late last year we released our ‘Musique Electronique EP’ which was the second release on our taMe Music imprint. One of the tracks called ‘C’est Bon Le Groove’ caught Colin’s ears to the extent where he declared it to be one of his Top 10 at the time. He liked it so much that we started to develop a really solid and ongoing trusted, musical relationship. We consider Colin to be one of the most genuine and down to earth, honest professionals in the industry. His experience speaks for itself so we were delighted when he said yes to remixing ‘Seam Unique’ and now it’s just a great pleasure for us to be working with him.

– Have you been fans of his music for a long time?
We’ve followed Colin from his Kiss FM days to the present and and being inspired by his own personal musical evolution over the last two decades.

– What 5 tracks are you currently playing a lot right now?
Marcus Meinhardt – Checkpot (Pele & Findling Remix)
Muovo – Got It Like That (Skeet Remix)
Los Suruba – Fine ft Sutja Gutierrez (Fabio Giannelli Remix)
taMe – Seam Unique (Colin Dale Remix)
Phonique – Our Time Our Chance ft Ian Whitelaw (Andre Lodemann Remix)

– What else have you coming up that you’d like to shout about?
We are currently working on our debut taMe album, aiming to release it next year. We had a Top 10 Must Hear House tracks nomination from Beatport earlier this year, charting our remix of ‘Andi Rivera ft Robert Owens – To Be’ released on Deep8 Recordings. This led to an invitation from UK Techno legend Colin Dale to do a remix of ‘Thomas Gandey – I Wanna Know’, coming out this summer on his Abstrakt Dance Records label. On top of that we also just finished a new three track EP that will be released in the autumn. We are also developing a live show with the intention of taking the album on tour. There are a lot of ideas floating around at the moment so we’re looking forward to the second half of this year.

Interview by Ian Fleming

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