Tapesh ‘Time After Time’

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GDM021_resizedArtist: Tapesh
Title: Time After Time
Label: Get Digital Music (Get Physical)
Cat. #: GDM021
Format: Digital
Release Date: November 1st 2012

1. Time After Time
2. More Than Music
3. Good Baby

Tapesh returns to Get Digital with his 3-track club soundtrack, ‘Time After Time‘,

Good Baby‘ utilizes vocal loops to great effect, while a pumping bassline churns the vibe into a deep groove. Things lower in the break, making way for some classic synthwork, and rise just before kick drops – instant classic.

More Than Music‘ takes a mystic feel and throws it over some heavy basslines, encouraging maximum dancefloor movement. A simple track in it’s composition, but very effective in its execution.

Title track ‘Time After Time‘ just out of the gate with energy, throwing down rhythmic synths and bass to an infectious vocal line, incredible. The track will find it’s way around, so take a listen and get on it now.


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