Glenn Astro “Throwback”

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The first album of Glenn Astro is a great journey into the good old house music, where the whole sound is affected with jazz, hip hop and lo-fi oldschool samples. The interesting thing about “Throwback” is the artist’s research of models and musical themes not obvious and already discovered by other producers, being able to show his style and his music production abilities.

Tartelet – May 25th 2015

A1 – Gonville (w. Max Graef)
A2 – Computerkiller
A3 – Throwback (Album Cut)
A4 – Shit Iz Real
B1 – (Forgotten Intro) 4 My Peeps
B2 – Bochum (w. IMYRMIND)
B3 – You Can’t Groove
B4 – To The Beat Interloot
C1 – Still Shining
C2 – Kilometer Disco (w. Max Graef)
C3 – Ødland
D1 – One For Viktor
D2 – Long Live Human (One for Sveta)
D3 – A Bit Warmer
D4 – Brother T (Greeting To Rasho)


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