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After two critically acclaimed volumes of their producer-driven compilation series Tempo Dreams, Brooklyn’s Bastard Jazz Recordings is back with Volume 3 of the beat-centric, forward-looking concept. For this edition, the label has tapped Soul Clap, the Boston bred international ambassadors of all things funky. Piloting their cosmic mother ship all over the globe, Soul Clap have built a cult following worldwide both through their solo endeavours and via their Crew Love brand formed with Brooklyn’s Wolf+Lamb. Staying with the Tempo Dreams theme of showcasing new styles, emerging artists and the best of their after two critically acclaimed volumes of their producer-driven compilation series Tempo beatmaking peers, Soul Clap has compiled a showcase of entirely unreleased modern funk, electro soul, and leftfield house music on this compilation, sure to make their spiritual guide Dr. Funkenstein aka George Clinton proud.

As is with previous volumes, the featured artists all come from different places, spaces and times, but are tied together by the musical connection running concurrent on the record. Soul Clap’s unmistakable vibe is powerfully represented through their own original track “So Sedated”, a heavy chugging synth ode to the transformational powers of the dance floor, featuring understated vocals by Dayonne Rollins. Crew Love & Dirtybird artist Tanner Ross teams up with Jules Born for “No 1 Else But You”, a late night off-kilter piece of nasty funk, while fellow teammate Navid Izadhi brings a Cali swagger with the smoothed out G-Funk vibes of “Cadillack”. The left coast is further represented by Pasadena’s XL Middleton whose “AntiSlumper” kicks off the album with a throwback boogie excursion, while the George Clinton-approved production team FSQ delivers the irresistible down & dirty “Break The Funk”. Amsterdam artist Tom Trago comes in tough with the electro porn of “Hard Cash” while NYC is represented fully with disco hero Tom Noble’s “Tanked”, Analog Player’s Society’s wavey “Enter City”, and Greg Paulus’s late night soul vibes on “Everything (Love Down)”.

1. XL Middleton – Antislumper
2. Tom Trago feat. M Cruzer – Hard Cash
3. J. Loverman – Life Unlimited (Ajukaja & Andrevski Rework)
4. Tom Noble – Tanked
5. Jules Born & Tanner Ross – No 1 Else But You
6. Soul Clap feat. Dayonne Rollins – So Sedated
7. FSQ – Break The Funk
8. Inkswel feat. Isaac Aesili & Harvey Sutherland – Jade Skyline
9. Analog Players Society – Enter City
10. Navid Izadi – Cadillack
11. G. Koop feat. 13teen – Butterfly
12. Greg Paulus – Everything (Love Down)


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