Ten Years Of Souvenir Compilation

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SOUVENIR 77 DIGITAL 1440x1440Artist: Various
Title: Ten Years Of Souvenir Compilation
Label: Souvenir Music
Release Date: 02.06.2016
Format: Digital / CD
Cat. #: SOUVENIR077
01) Ruede Hagelstein – Eago
02) Tiefschwarz – Downstairs
03) Audiofly & Maher Daniel – Cluster Of Stars
04) Cesare Vs Disorder – Last Night feat Filo Franchi
05) Thomas Von Party & Thomass Jackson – Boneyard Fluteman 06) David K – Purple’s Trip
07) Dixie Yure – Mapache (Ulises Gomez Tribute)
08) Re.You – Afraid
09) Chris Wood & Meat – Here It Comes
10) CYRK – Every Now And Then
11) Kenny Leaven – Rosbigalle
12) Mathame – Andante
13) Raw District – Nocturnal Alley
14) Jules & Moss – With Everyone
15) IOAKIM SAYZ – Taboo

Wow, 10 years already – time flies by so quickly. I ‘m really happy that we came that far.. It was a bumpy adventures road but it was also worth every second.
So many great artists, so much great music – I don’t want to put anybody in the spotlight here and I’m proud of every track and every artist who came on the ride with us.
Thank you very much guys – lets dance towards the next 10…
– Ali Tiefschwarz
Souvenir are very happy to celebrate their 10th year anniversary of Souvenir Music this year and in a world where everyone is longing for Andy Warhol’s‚ fifteen minutes of fame’, where the musical landscape is defined by short-term hypes, fast-paced trends and stars fading the second they rise, 10 years seem like an astronomical era. Berlin-based Souvenir label is amongst the few electronic music labels who have proven they are here to stay.
For label-owner and DJ Ali Schwarz, who co-founded Souvenir with his brother and Tief- schwarz -partner Basti, this year marks a turning-point in two ways: 10 years of Souvenir and 25 years of DJing – 2016 gives us more than one reason to pop the corks!

Founded in 2006, Souvenir entered the stage in the midst of the changing electronic music scene in Berlin. electronic dance music, House or more technoid tunes – Souvenirs approach to music was always shaped by an intuitive sense of quality, keeping their pace always where least expected. Sharing the music they love with like-minded people they admire, Tiefschwarz created Souvenir as a matter of the heart. Souvenir means family and has always been true to a pure, oldschool label philosophy, as it is a platform for long-term musical companions and aspiring newcomers alike. Looking back at great releases like Ruede Hagelstein‘s hymn “Emergency”, floorfiller “Triple S” by Chris Wood & Meat or the Tiefschwarz collaboration with Jaw for “Hurricane”, the list of Souvenir‘s outstanding tunes is not exactly a short one. With close friends like David K ., Kenny Leaven or CYRK Souvenir- universe circles around some of the most relevant artists in recent club music – to name but a few.

Call it superstitious or not, but our 10th Anniversary Compilation will be released under the lucky number #77. Besides long-term partners of Tiefschwarz like Chris Wood & Meat, Re.You, Ruede Hagelstein , Kenny Leaven, Maher Daniel & Audiofly, Jules & Moss, David K , CYRK and Raw District, the fine selection also features newcomer duo Mathame, as well as Dixie Yure, Ioakim Sayz, Cesare vs Disorder, Thomas Von Party & Thomass Jackson
On top of that, the Souvenir crew is ready to hit the road with an ex-tended club tour this year – stay tuned!


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