Tender Games ‘Notion EP’

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cover-suol061-finalArtist: Tender Games
Title: Notion EP
Label: Suol
Cat. #: Suol061
Release Date: September 18th, 2015
Walking On
Collided (feat. Mulay)

Chopstick & Johnjon’s Berlin based Suol label follow up their balmy Summer Daze collection with an equally warming EP from label stalwarts Ulrich Harrison and Marlon Hoffstadt a.k.a. Tender Games. Having had a busy summer including live shows at a slew of international festivals the artful pair offer up their “Notion” EP: a 4 track collection of gently ambling rhythms and heart-rending melodicism.

Relating to themes of love, selfishness and disconnection – the title track kicks things off. A cyclical guitar motif paves the way for a buoyant thud and syncopated shuffles before a gently flexing synth pattern emerges.

Swooning and snaring vocals are spread and reverberated before “Walking On” is formed upon a theme of altruism. Purring organ tones and patterning tambourines interweave ahead of an arresting Rhodes motif before urgency is added through the injection of layered synths and additive percussion.

“Collided” – Tender Games’ collaboration with vocalist Mulay then sets grooving, scuzzy drums under a rich and sultry croon. Warped synth lines and skipping, off-grid hat patterns push progress forwards in a song about instant and impulsive connection.

“Nimbus” then blooms gradually behind stuttering synth tones and soft, allaying chord changes. A darting and purposeful groove drives in from underneath before flickering melodies dart in to cap off another fine addition to Suol’s ever-evolving catalogue.


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