Terence Fixmer ‘Depth Charged’

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TerenArtist: Terence Fixmer
Title: Depth Charged
Label: CLR
Cat. #: CLRLP014/CLRCD014
Format: Vinyl 2xLP / CD / Digital download
Release Date Digital : February 23rd, 2015
Release Date Physical: March 9th, 2015
A1. Fleeting Beauty
A2. Ellipse
A3. Purity
B1. Unforeseen
B2. Inside of Me
C1. Beyond
C2. Pallid Light
C3. Outside of Me
D2. Thoughts
D2. Elevation
1. Ellipse
2. Fleeting Beauty
3. Unforeseen
4. Purity
5. Inside of Me
6. Outside of Me
7. Beyond
8. Pallid Light
9. Thoughts
10. Elevation

Over the past two decades, French producer and live performer, Terence Fixmer, has continued to evolve as an artist while maintaining his influential stance in international techno culture. With his last solo album, Comedy of Menace, already five years behind us, his continuous evolution has led him to produce his most introspective album yet. With this 10-piece composition Fixmer is able to tell a story from start to finish, with powerful, deep, dark, pulsating tones that are essential to his musical approach. Depth Charged is a complete concept as Fixmer’s track arrangement takes the audience through various emotions illustrating how there is more to darkness than the dance floor. Beginning with a slow but heavy bassline, “Ellipse” acts as a perfect introduction setting the attitude for the album. “Fleeting Beauty” brings us fluttering chords amidst a serpentine drone, while the rolling bass of “Unforeseen” sends you into a trancelike state. “Purity” distracts the listener with its raw analog warmth filled with extraterrestrial energy. “Inside of Me,” exclusively selected by Marcel Dettmann for his Fabric 77 mix, followed by “Outside of Me” are both very dark tracks, filled with atmospheric suspense and quaking rhythms. “Beyond” is a pure exemplary of Fixmer’s signature style with an infectious progression sending anyone to the dance floor as “Pallid Light” follows its footsteps filling a bit more radiance into a modern techno sound. “Thoughts” shows another emotion of the album with deeper dub-like sonorities leading to the final track. Concluding the odyssey is “Elevation,” the most melodic track of the album, beautifully deep, undulating and atmospheric, it is a breath of fresh air that brings one back to reality. Fixmer’s productions have drawn the attention to stimulate individuals in other artistic mediums, as the track was an exclusive selection of Raf Simons to showcase his works for Dior at the CFDA-Awards. Raf has been a very big supporter of Fixmer’s work since his first album in 2001, Muscle Machine. Passionate of profound mystifying tones that rise and fall, Depth Charged is the epitome of unique expressiveness for Terence Fixmer. With darkness as a companion, each track has come from deep inside the soul; uncompromised soundscapes that promote taking risks.


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