Rihanna “Stay (Landmark Bootleg)”

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Artist: Rihanna
Title: Stay (Landmark Bootleg)
Label: Thirty5 Records
Remixer: Landmark
Cat. #: TFRBOOT02
Format: Digital
Release Date: April 30th 2013
1. Stay (Landmark Bootleg)

After the successful interpretation of “Noir Desir – Le Vent Nous Portera” more than one year ago, Landmark puts his hands on Rihanna live performance of Stay for a new, free-download bootleg. Landmark gives a deep tech touch to this beautiful track. The result is a smooth, rounded tune with the distinctive piano melody and a few Rihanna lyrics. Landmark is a self-taught artist. He escapes predefined schemes and his music mirrors the man: his tracks are always inspired by new ideas and sounds. Landmark is an eclectic character who surfs through different musical genres. If one listens to a track or mix by Landmark is always encountering something unexpected that reveals a new aspect of the DJ, the producer and the man. “I’m in love with ideas in general, from the right track in a mix to a voice or a sample, from a good penalty to a particular dress. I’m a guy who loves ideas and strives to have the good ideas at the right moment,” says Landmark in his own words. The beginning of this new year brings Landmark to Snatch! Records: His new single, “Music In You” – produced with Kres and featuring Frederic Mos, is going to be released on Riva Starr’s label. The track is also included in the Defected Miami 2013 compilation mixed by Pirupa.

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