CW027_ArtworkArtist: The Advent & Industrialyzer
Title: Up Close EP
Label: Codeworks
Cat. #: CW027
Format: Digital Download
Release Date: 17 March 2016
1. Up Close
2. Mind Remains

The Advent & Industrialyzer return for the latest EP on their own CodeWorks label.

Having originally met in 2007, Cisco Ferreira (The Advent) and Ricardo Rodrigues (Industrialyzer) made an instant connection with their shared Portuguese heritage and a mutual understanding that spans both their music taste and attitude, which has allowed them to maintain control over their music and career, without giving in to trends, politics, or other temptations. This meeting of like-minds has led to a constant exchange of musical ideas and their synergy makes for a unique interpretation of the Techno spectrum; a style that clearly resonates with both colleagues and the crowd, as The Advent & Industrialyzer appear on just as many leading labels as they play major festivals and relevant clubs. Drumcode, MB Electronics, Hardgroove, Kombination Research and Bush Records are just a few of the brands that gladly welcome the duo’s music, while CodeWorks has provided a further outlet for their joint creations.

Like a call to arms, the pair easily match the energy of their live shows on these two vibrant tracks. Delivering equal measures of tough beats, heavy bass and a keen groove, ‘Up Close’ is a clear peak-time workout and ‘Mind Remains’ is a thunderous stomper.

But fans of their work will already know what to expect from this latest offering: 100% Techno guaranteed.


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