The Best of Supernova – A Celebration

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artworks-000064450352-dmm2sc-t500x500Artist: Supernova
Title: The Best Of Supernova 2003-2013
Label: Lapsus Music
Cat. #: LPSCD003
Release Date: 16.12.13

The Best of Supernova – A Celebration


The Italian house duo celebrate 10 years of productions and remixes with this new collection.

Supernova are Emiliano Nencioni and Giacomo Godi; an Italian DJ and production duo that have over the last decade made the transition from rising stars to established international talent. Childhood friends from their native Florence, the Supernova project was formed back in 2003 after a chance reunion in Milan at a party, since when Supernova have gone on to create an incredible array of house music anthems.
The Best of Supernova – A Celebration 2003-2013 is a landmark compilation from the Italian house duo; a comprehensive collection of some of their greatest studio moments spread across three expansive CDs.
Say Supernova about the project: “10 years of making music together is something about which we are very proud. It’s amazing looking back at what we’ve done in all those years, and it’s that feeling that this compilation aims to celebrate.
“With this project for the first time we have the opportunity to collect all the music we’ve created in a decade, including all the really underground earlier music that people may not have been aware of”.
As well as dusting off some hidden gems – many of which are available digitally for the first time on this compilation –  Supernova have also produced some brand new and exclusive music. Especially noteworthy is an as-yet unreleased single ‘R.L.H’ which the duo recorded alongside Inner City’s legendary singer Ann Saunderson, a collaboration about which they are understandably extremely proud. In addition, look out for remixes of some of the industry’s most established stars, including Frankie Knuckles, Kerri Chandler and Chez Damier to name but a few.
Supernova are already known for their electric approach to house music production, but having their body of work on a single release really drives home just how varied their aesthetic can be. From deep, dirty, driving dancefloor cuts to hands-in-the-air main room anthems, there is surely something to be found here for any fan of house music, whatever their particular niche.
Supernova will play three parties around the release, December 12th at Lightbox (London), December 20th at 4Cento (Milan) and December 25th at Tenax (Florence).

The Best of Supernova – A Celebration 2003-2013 is out 16th December



01) Supernova ft. Ann Saunderson “R.L.H”  (Original Mix)
02) Supernova “Something” (Bass Rework)  Beatport Exclusive
03) Supernova “I Can’t Do Without You” (Original Mix) 2012
04) Supernova “Click Song” (Original Mix) 2010
05) Supernova “Keep On Stuff” (Original Mix) 2010
06) Supernova “Nine” (Original Mix) 2009
07) Supernova “The Bridge” (Original Mix) 2013
08) Supernova “Electronic Love” (Original Mix) 2012
09) Supernova “The World Is Crazy” (Original Mix) 2013
10 ) Supernova “The Circle” (Original Mix) 2013
11) Supernova “Drifting” (Original Mix) 2013
12) Supernova “Sound of Thunder” (Noir) – 2013
13) Supernova “That’s what I Like” (DJ Sneak Rmx ) 2009
14) Supernova “Istant Double” (Original remastered 2006 Mix)
15) Supernova “Esta Loca” (Supernova 2010 Revision) 2010


01) Frankie Knuckles “The Whistle Song” (Nocturnal Groove) – 2013
02) Jakatta “American Dream” (Z Records) – 2012
03) Johnny Dangerous “Emerald City” (Supernova UseTheSample Mix) – 2010
04) Kerri Chandler “Hallelujah” (Supernova Jackin’ Mix) – 2010
05) DJ Roland Clark presents Urban Soul / If I Was A DJ (Supernova Dub) – 2010
06) Big Moses feat. Kenny Bobien  “Brighter Days “(Supernova Remix) – 2010
07) Cevin Fisher ft. Loleatta Holloway “You got Me Burning Up” (Supernova Remix) – 2009
08) Kerri Chandler “Bar A Thym” (Supernova Dub) – 2011
09) Studio Apartment_feat_Kenny_Bobien_On The Way_(Supernova_Deep_Mix) – 2012
10) Tiger Stripes / Rasmus Plays The Marimba (Supernova Row Mix) – 2011
11) Soul Central “Strings Of Life” (Supernova Main Mix) 2011
12) Chez Damier “Can You Feel It”  (Defected) – 2012
13) Ramon Tapia ‘This Groove’ (Supernova Remix) – 2012
14) Wehbba & Add2 Basket “2 Sticks” (Supernova_Rmx) – 2013
15) Dj Pierre  “Come Together (What Is House)”  ft. Felicia (Supernova Remix) – 2013


01) Supernova “Morning Vibration’s” (Album Mix) – 2003
02) Supernova “Welcome To My World” (Album mix) – 2008
03) Supernova “Dare To Dream” (Album mix) – 2007
04) Supernova “I Can’t Talk About” (Album mix) – 2007
05) Supernova “I Feel So Good” (Original Mix) – 2006
06) Supernova ft. Csilla “My Favourite Things” (Album mix) – 2003
07) Supernova ft. Csilla “Save A Prayer” (Album mix) – 2003
08) Supernova “Ethernal” (Album mix) – 2003
09) Supernova “London Pop” (Original Mix) – 2006
10) Supernova “The Comet” (Original Mix) – 2004
11) Supernova “Supershake” (Original Mix) – 2004
12) Supernova ft. Ronnie Jones “An American’s Dream” (Album mix) – 2007
13) Supernova ft. Ace Lover “Guru” (Album mix) – 2007
14) Supernova ft. Grandmaster Melle Mel “That’s What I Like” (Album mix) – 2007
15) Supernova “Funkin’ Shitty Day” (Album mix) – 2007


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