Artist: The Time And Space Machinetimeandspacemachine
Title: Taste The Lazer
Release Date: 26 March 2012
Label: Tirk
01. Hiding In The Light
02. Black Rainbow
03. Pill Party In India
04. Studio 23
05. Reverberation
06. Out Of My Head
07. Threshold
08. Explosions In The Sky
09. Magic Mountain
10. Flow River Flow
11. Good Morning

When it comes to being a man of many talents, there are few to equal Richard Norris. DJ, producer, musician, audiovisual artist, A&R man, author and journalist… His is a career of many twists and turns which have always seen him at the forefront of pushing new ideas forward and championing diversity and innovation, be it alongside Erol Alkan as part of The Wizard’s Sleeve, or gone solo as the acclaimed Time & Space Machine.

Tirk released Richard’s debut long-player as The Time & Space Machine ‘Set Phazer to Stun’ in 2010. Coming in March 2012 is the long-awaited follow-up, ‘Taste The Lazer’:

“Things have been developing and expanding since the first T+SM album ‘Set Phazer To Stun’. With ‘Taste The Lazer’, I’ve been thinking more about how the record is going to sound live, when the five piece live Time and Space Machine band hits gigs and festivals next year. The result is a looser, more played record, with tracks like ‘Black Rainbow’ typifying the sound – hypnotic, motorik, psychedelic grooves and sounds that will be stretched, twisted, expanded on stage. There’s a hint of Balearic and filmic influence on tracks like ‘Good Morning’, ”Out Of My Head’, and ‘Pill Party In India’, but the general mood and feel gravitates towards a stage and a mind bending lightshow. It was recorded and mixed in my studio in Lewes, with drums by Wildcat Will recorded at Strongroom in London. Taste The Lazer….” – Richard Norris AKA Time And Space Machine

Here is a track-by-track breakdown from the man himself:

1. Hiding In The Light – An uplifting but reflective opener. I love happy/sad tunes, where you can’t quite pinpoint the emotion, and this is one of them. Shades of New Order, Balearia and psych. Features Erol Alkan on guitar. The first time I DJ’ed this out it reduced someone to tears (in a good way…)

2. Black Rainbow – an 8 min motorik workout, this is the sound the five-piece T+SM live extravaganza will deliver when it goes on the road this year. Only it’ll be longer and accompanied by a brain frying light show. I’m a big fan of the driving, hypnotic pulse. I’d call it trance if the word hadn’t been so misappropriated… Trance in a sense of Neu! or the Master Musicians Of Jujuka.. Music to elevate

3. Pill Party In India – a song derived from my three-string fretless cigar box guitar, which sounds something between a country slide and a sitar. Wildcat Will lays down a snappy post disco thud while I imagine sunset in Kerala given a new psychedelic slant.

4. Studio 23 – Soundtrack to a movie that is yet to exist, all crunching Hammond and spybreak guitars. Another one I can’t wait to attack live.

5. Reverberation – back to the motorik, with a touch of Seeds-like garage tremolo merging into Who power chords and harmonies. Another one that should come alive at gigs.

6. Out Of My Head – one of the more Balearic tunes, nothing to do with Kylie. Airy, spacious dance for an Ibiza state of mind.

7. Threshold – more filmic, panoramic tints and tones here, a bit eastern, again a soundtrack to an as yet imagined widescreen movie adventure. Add your own pictures.

8. Explosions In The Sky – not a tribute to the band of the same name, more a soundtrack to 5th November and the madness that occurs in Lewes, where I live and where this album was recorded. It’s a cross between the Wicker Man, carnival and WW3 on Nov 5th in Lewes, as 100,000 people view 7 bonfire societies parade and battle it out, amidst giant floats of this years’ villains and men dressed as Zulus. Feels like home to me.

9. Magic Mountain – we are moving into the late night/early morning section of the album now, a feel good comedown anthem layered with Mellotron flutes, Hammond and acoustic guitars.

10. Flow River Flow – I recently DJ’ed for the Caught By The River website, from Southwark Bridge on the Thames, as part of the Mayor of London’s festival. For which esteemed spot I dug out over a hundred tracks that featured London and Rivers. This overdose must have seeped into this tune, which was written about a week later. I’m partial to a river song.

11. Good Morning – the end of the night, the beginning of a new day… the three stringed guitar makes an appearance again, as light emerges from darkness and we fight another day. Hopefully not to appear on breakfast TV or cornflake ads any time soon.

Colours swirl, patterns collide…


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