Artist: The Transhumans / Arcanoidth004
Title: Theory and practice of domination Vol. I “Hidden Establishment”
Label: Transhuman
Cat. #: TH004
Format: Digital EP & Vinyl
Release Date: July 9th, 2012
Distribution: Bandcamp & Rubadub
A1. Domi_Nation
B1. Nature of being
B2. Hidden Establishment

A new series by Transhuman Records. Thematic: a manual of domination. Arcanoid melts again breaks, gears and epic melodies, creating a new substance, being himself the only owner of its formula. Two tracks of The TransHumans. Hypnotic and intense techno. Energy and rawness in Birmingham’s way. Experimental noisy ambient finish this release. Industry and asphyxiating atmosphere. A cry for help by the oppressed.


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