The Welderz ‘Visceral EP’

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RIOT002.coverArtist: The Welderz
Title: Visceral EP
Format: Digital
Label: Riot Recordings
Cat. #: Riot002
Release Date: 07.04.2014
Distribution: Rebeat

The Welderz is a french techno project created in 2012 by the Djs & producers Jérémy Delzors & Cyril Raoul.
They play and produce a dark, deep, raw and groovy techno, calibrated for the big dance floors.
The Welderz released ep on label like Analytic Trail, Flash, now they made three original tracks for Riot Recordings.
Visceral bounce, is ike a ball, the sound immerses you in a jungle underground, appears dark and aggressive, hissing sounds enrich jerky and springy rithm, the music and the effects follow each other giving rise to a track, that will make you move your ass.
Club meth, is  vibrant with muffled sound. It returns to the world of the night on the dance floor. Is addictive rithm, and sinuous, as a snake crawling. Strong pace violent and gloomy.
Digs deep, with vigorous, rhythmic, echoes, powerful and bouncy rhythm, involves and dance. The sound falls over and rolls and spins like a top button.

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