The YellowHeads ‘XX’

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cucdef1Artist: The YellowHeads
Title: XX
Label: Analytic Trail
Cat. #: ANT068
Release Date: 13-7-2015
Tales of Mystery

Label commander Markantonio brings to the space the mothership Analytictrail with his warriors Yellow Heads arriving from Spain straight to the Neapolitan scene with a huge collection of tracks released for many different labels like Loose Records, Tronic, Alleanza, Florida Music etc. “XX”
is the Sixty-Eighth EP of Analytictrail made by three original tracks.

First track of the EP is the namesake “XX” made by an heavy beat and tribal percussions, where old school Techno basements are mixed with future eclectically influences.

“Tales of Mystery” is the second track of the Ep, a very dark drum kit is surrounded by a raw bassline where the deepest side of Pads is the engine of a gorgeous Detroit Techno track.

“Maniac” is the last track of the EP, where the deep Bass and hypnotic Synth are the right key of the track, the rolling sequence of chords and looping drum sessions are just the meaning of what can be defined a typically Techno device.

Another cool production for Analytictrail, Yellowheads are definitely part of the futuristic new school of Techno Music


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