Thomas Hoffknecht ’14X EP’

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MF049_Cover_Artwork_WebArtist: Thomas Hoffknecht
Title: 14X EP
Remixer: Alex Bau
Label: Micro.fon
Format: Digital & Vinyl
Cat. #: MF049
Release Date: April 28th, 2016 (Vinyl), May 2nd, 2016 (Digital)
Distribution: Deejay, Beatport, Dig Dis
01. 147
02. 146
03. 141 (Alex Bau Repaint)
04. 141

Welcome to the latest promo of DJ Emerson’s Micro.fon imprint.
Thomas Hoffknecht rst caught our attention with his thope tracks. Meanwhile he became hamburgs fastest rising name in techno.
147 is a heavy 4 to the oor track with some tension building little breaks in-between, continuously building until every- thing climaxes into a powerfull chord riff.
146 displays heavy & intense drums & beats with the chords on top delievering the nal punch.
On remix duties we have bavarian powerhorse Alex Bau; his remix is playing around with the jittering synth sounds of
the original. stripped beats, rattling hi hats and a tension building breakdown do the trick here.
Original versions of 141 comes in form of the most gentle track of the ep. It displays a shuf ed beat and twinkling synths creating a simple groove that is topped by hard hitting claps.
Overall 14X EP is an impressing example of thomas’ ear for great techno grooves.


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