Artist: Tiefschwarz feat. Argenis Brito8570_no-message-feat-argenis-brito
Title: No Message
Label: Souvenir Music, DE.
Cat. #: SOUVENIR048
Format: 12″/digital
Release Date: 27.08.12
01. No Message feat. Argenis Brito
02. No Message (Dub) feat. Argenis Brito

Souvenir records proudly presents the return of our brother captains, Tiefschwarz, with a murky new single featuring the vocal athletics of the inimitable Argenis Brito.

Argenis Brito, a native Venezuelan, is best known for his long time association with Chilean artists like Dandy Jack, Pier Bucci and Atom TM’s saucy Senor Coconut project. His studio trickery and multi-instrumentalism served him extremely well as a key player in delivering to the house music world a splash of Latin colour in the early noughties, labels like Cadenza rising to dominance on dancefloors around the floor. He’s traveled the world too with his inventive live set, tailoring each specific show with the myriad rhythms and patterns presented by different South American sounds.

On ‘No Message’ Argenis heralds in a chunky undulating bassline with a panoply of echoing grunts, vocal snippets warping in and out of earshot. Balance swerving, it sounds like a crowd of people murmuring around you, with the tracks refrain of ‘bringing a message’ and ‘only you know what is real’ doing very little to reassure. A skittering drum pattern propels the track forward as shimmering keys fly in and out at surprising off-beats. A sawtooth synth improvisational moment provides an irreverent break before plunging headfirst back into the tense beat. As per usual, Tiefschwarz provide one of their trademark dub mixes, bulking out the low end with lead anvils, the chords themselves shaped into doughy pillows of sound. Argenis’ vocals are chopped down, and more heavily treated so as to become more of a repeating sound than intelligible words.


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