Tiefschwarz ‘No Message Remixes’

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Artist: Tiefschwarz
Title: No Message Remixes
Label: Souvenir Music, DE.
Cat. #: SOUVENIR052
Format: 12”/digital
Release Date:  21.01.13
01. No Message (David K’s Allegro remix)
02. No Message (Strangers In Heaven remix)
03. No Message (Re-UP remix)
04. No Message (David K’s Grand Piano remix)

Hot on the heels of release 050 from Tiefschwarz with Argenis Brito on vocal duty, comes a neat remix package with contributions from David K, Strangers in Heaven and Re-UP.

French producer David K has released on all the major Parisian labels, Freak n’ Chic, Rue De Plaisance, Jetaime amongst others. Here he serves up a double dose, his ‘Allegro’ rework anything but, the vocals twisted out of recognition into a muttering chorus of demonic gremlins, while the mutant drums steadily beat out an ominous tone. A distant marimba and the odd piano chord that’s left hanging, a quizzical non sequitur, lift the melody. On the flip, David’s ‘Grand Piano’ pairs a shuffling, almost jazzy beat with a shower of tinkling pianos, the vocals washed with melancholy from the keystrokes that slowly morph into plucked strings.

Souvenir’s very own mysterious twosome, Strangers in Heaven, beef up the kick and make the bassline snake and swirl, turning up the groove factor. The vocals provide respite from the tension, while skittering synth sounds come up close against the hypnotic beat. Upon You stalwarts Re-UP take it deep, a throbbing bassline playing off the tightest of snare hits, a squelching synth hitting suddenly and a distended voice appearing too out of nowhere. It’s a total transformation, none of the original parts distinguishable, as if seen through a prism of the unsettling.



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