worriedaboutsatan “Even Temper”

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Artist: worriedaboutsatanweb
Title: Even Temper
Label: This Is It Forever
Cat: TIIF018
Formats: CD, vinyl 12”, digital
Release Date: 16th March 2015
01. I’m Not Much, But I’m All I Have
02. Sleep Of The Foolish
03. Baychimo
04. Church Of Red
05. MV Joyita (feat. Morgan Visconti)
06. A Damaged Magician
07. Jaki
08. All Safe, All Well

When you listen to this album, and you want to think under what kind of genre to classify it, you would say ambient or downtempo, but the numerous styles and genres that affect the whole sound are too many; so while thinking about all these big distinctions you get wrapped by the emotions and sensations, because these tracks reveal a mental and meditative nature.
“Even Temper” deserves a particular kind of attention, and not the frantic behaviour we’re used to have while listening to music.



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