Time Warp 2012 Official preview

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Time Warp 2012 – Electronic music in all its facetsTime_Warp_by_Andrea_Piccinato

All signs are looking very good for Time Warp Mannheim. The editions in Holland and Italy have already reaped praise from all sides, and now Resident Advisor has placed the Mannheim edition at number two in its ranking of the top ten festivals, even ahead of the U.S. giant Ultra Music Festival.

“The techno leading lights are making their way to Mannheim to kick off the European festival season” – this is a brief excerpt of a summary from the world’s largest online portal for electronic music, with a million readers each month. It’s no exaggeration, as more than 40 acts will perform on the stages of the Maimarktgelände on March 31st. Most recently, Maetrik signed up one of the most promising live acts. Living legends like Kevin Saunderson and John Digweed will play alongside high-flyers such as Visionquest or Jamie Jones. A balanced mix of established headliners and highly acclaimed newcomers, a visionary production concept and the incomparable atmosphere at Time Warp – these are just three reasons for the allure of this Techno event for guests from around the world.

Another unique feature is the related workshop program, Time Warp lab. Free workshops all about DJing, music production and marketing will close the circle around a weekend dedicated to electronic music. Renowned lecturers from the Time Warp lineup such as Chris Liebing or the Berlin duo Pan-Pot will exclusively reveal their tricks here – such as dealing with the DJ software Traktor or digital workstations like Ableton.

Already in the preceding week, from 24 – 31 March, the Jetztmusikfestival highlights the more  esoteric application of synthesizers, samplers and co. For example, if you’re wondering how a classical quartet and a DJ can fit together or how a ballet company responds to four-four beats, you’ll find the answer here.


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