Time Warp Italy 2012 Official Review

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Time Warp Italy 2012 – Milano Madnessteitaly_fotoarticolo

Anyone who wonders what makes techno events in Italy so special could find the answer at the Fiera Milano Rho last Saturday. 20,000 people turned night into day, letting their euphoria run wild at the second Time Warp Italy. Well-known headliners such as Sven Väth, Richie Hawtin and Carl Cox pushed the crowd to the maximum amidst impressive stage shows.
The very first edition in October 2011 gave a firm indication, which the second edition has now made a certainty: Italy loves techno and Italy loves the Time Warp. Almost 20,000 guests celebrated on Saturday, 29 September, at the sold-out Fiera Milano Rho. The Time Warp team had high expectations for their return to Milan. Not only was the line-up increased compared to last year, but also the production on four floors was upgraded to meet Mannheim standards and improved accordingly. The fact that this step would be worthwhile was already apparent from the buzz prior to the event. For days in advance, Time Warp Italy was the main issue on the Italian scene. Little wonder that a cheering crowd pushed its way through the Fiera when the evening started at 19:30. Upon arriving in the hall, they were met with a rewarding sight. The light cave, a full-floor design concept, had already amazed guests in Mannheim. In Milan, the elaborate design was further extended by several meters. The video mappings also made their way to Italy. On a specially built Structure Wall, Dub Video Connection conjured strikingly realistic 3D visuals. “This is incredible! Techno events are often held in this country, but this combination of light and sound is absolutely unique. It’s like a giant work of art,” said an Italian visitor of first impressions.
But as usual, the main attraction was the music. The relaxed atmosphere of the crowd pushed DJs and live acts to peak performances. Pan-Pot and Ellen Allien impressed with moody minimal sets. Chris Liebing looked over numerous banners featuring his likeness. Loco Dice was met with a euphoric response, as was Carl Cox. The audience went wild for Sven Väth and Richie Hawtin, who immediately rewarded the high expectations with technically brilliant, evocative sets. Even local hero Marco Carola had the crowd raging on Floor 3.
The second Time Warp Italy came to an end at around 7 am. Time to reflect on what had happened: “The Time Warp is always something very special in Italy. The people, the atmosphere, the excitement – it’s amazing! We are very glad that we came here to Italy, and at this point we would like to thank the Fiera Milano Rho and the authorities for their excellent cooperation.
I especially want to thank our partners RNDpromotion, Bartist and Modart, without whose support we never would have pulled off this event,” concluded Marketing Manager Robin Ebinger.
With the Time Warp Italy behind them, the cosmopop team now turn their attention to Utrecht, where the fifth anniversary of the Time Warp Holland will be celebrated on 08 December.


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